FiRST FALL is a classic rock cover band in Windsor, Ontario.

With a set list of favourite songs spanning more than half a century, we’ll take you on a trip through the Psychedelic 60’s, Rockin’ 70’s, the Big 80’s and beyond.

Parties, Weddings, Events, Venues Small and Large…you provide the people and the place, we’ll bring the fun!

The Band

FiRST FALL is comprised of:

Lisa Rowley – Lead Vocals, smart-ass remarks, occasional tambourining, shaker shaking and kazoo-ing.

Jeff Stiles – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals, fashion pointers, snark, tone and shoe gazing.

Alan Bondy – Bass Guitar, layin’ down the funk, holding up the bottom end and keeping things on the down-low.

Rob Michie – Master of all things percussive. Can go from Charlie Watts to John Bonham in the time it takes you to raise your lighter skyward.